About Us

NASDIS has emerged in 2006 from uniting a group of well known engineering and IT professionals to provide a unique service to the shipbuilding and the offshore sector.

The management and the shareholders of the company have over 25 years experience in ship design and specific IT solutions.

We are particularly proud of our huge experience developed from contracts, alliances and partnerships with reputable companies all over the world.

NASDIS has qualified as VENDOR for FINCANTIERI S.p.A. Italy,  KBR/GVA Sweden, SAIPEM S.p.A. Italy, SBM Offshore Monaco and ENGIE-Axima France.

We have been able to gather the best resources through our excellent reputation in shipbuilding and ship design field. Our engineers are very experienced in design (shipbuilding and offshore) and production, most of them previously working in well known shipyards or design companies. A special attention when recruiting the personnel was given to the experience in basic design, working with rules and regulations of different Classification Societies and Regulatory Bodies, calculation and detail design. Also the age and the ability to operate different CAD systems were key issues in the selection process.

There are currently 45 permanent employees, with 16 in the Steel/Hull Department and 22 in the Outfitting (steel outfitting, mechanical, piping and electrical design) Department. Here is our company organization chart:


Since July 2009, our company is certificated as fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Due to the existing international network of associated companies and the partnerships with other reputable design companies, NASDIS can expand the capacity, under its total control, according to the requested volume of work.

SoftCAD Solutions

One of our closest partners in Galați is a software company specialized in CAD-CAM-NC solutions for shipbuilding. Together we have been able to provide our clients with tools and interfaces that improve the productivity of certain tasks such as profiles management and cutting, plate and profiles nesting, etc. We have also implemented customized NC solutions for specific cutting machines in order to match our clients’ needs. Please see the Software Solutions page for more details.

Kaefer Isoliertechnik GmbH

In 2007 we have established a partnership with this major international company, specialized among many other things, in turnkey, accommodation, HVAC and insulation services for shipbuilding. We have provided support for setting up a new design company in Galați, Kaefer Constructii Navale SRL, later transformed in Kaefer Shipbuilding Contracting SRL with a larger area of expertise. With the subsidiary of the a.m. group we have created the basis for future joint projects.

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