10K tons Floating Platform/Dock for STX RO Offshore Tulcea

NASDIS is currently involved in the Conceptual Design and Class Documentation of a 10000 tons Floating Platform/Dock. The project is done for STX RO Offshore Tulcea and under approval with Bureau Veritas. The Floating Platform/Dock with controllable ballast is an integrative type, built up with a continuous bottom pontoon and partially extended side towers. The pontoon is divided in ballast tanks, void technical spaces for pumps, piping and two recesses to test the retractable thruster of a ship. Purpose: the transfer of the ships from the syncrolift to the platform and from the platform to the syncrolift, building a ship with up to 40,00m breath, mega blocks erection, launching/lifting and repairing ships.

ISO 9001compliance

Following a thorough audit process, NASDIS received from Bureau Veritas the certification of conformity with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This acknowledged the compliance to the standard of the existing internal procedures, implemented since the start of the company.

M/V “ER HAMBURG” bow reconstruction project

The ship M/V “ER HAMBURG” was engaged in a head-on collision with a rock, North of Antikythira Island, resulting in severe deformation of the whole bow construction. Together with SNC ShipDesign, NASDIS was involved in the detailed design (Tribon model and workshop drawings) required for the renewal of almost the entire forward part.

Fruit-juice carrier for Lindenau Shipyard

A major contract was signed between NASDIS and Lindenau Shipyard for a 36000 dwt fruit-juice carrier, covering the classification design and the detailed design for the hull. NASDIS is providing Lindenau with the 3D ship model and a complete set of production information such as drawings, assembly drawings and cutting files. Final delivery of the design to Lindenau is at the end of May 2009. First cut of steel is planned for February 2009.

Scarabeo 8 project for Fincantieri

NASDIS has started the first local project in PDMS for Fincantieri, Italy – Scarabeo 8 deep water semi-submersible drilling rig.  The job involves the generation of piping production information for the double bottom and modeling of process modules.

Partnership with Kaefer Isoliertechnik GmbH

NASDIS has established a partnership with Kaefer Isoliertechnik GmbH, a major international company, specialized, among many other things, in turnkey, accommodation, HVAC and insulation services for shipbuilding. We have provided support for setting up a new design company in Galati, Kaefer Constructii Navale SRL, subsidiary of the a.m. group, and created the basis for future joint projects.

PDMS implementation

The first training course of PDMS took place in our office. PDMS is the leading design software system for offshore and by merging with Tribon will provide the most complete design package for both offshore and shipbuilding. NASDIS has comitted to be the first design company in Romania to implement and use PDMS for shipbuilding projects.

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